サカナクション (Sakanaction)  - 『バッハの旋律を夜に聴いたせいです。』 (Because I was Listening to Bach in the Evening)

I myself was affected by M83’s return with Midnight City with synths blaring through the spaces, but I cannot deny that this song captured 2011 perfectly. Recently my friends and I put together a live DVD party and we watched Sakanaquarium 2012 in its full HD glory. Just imagine my acute condition: I was clutching a pillow, anguishing at the perfect sight and sound, whimpering like a puppy while blurting out Malay profanities like a veteran rempit.

If you’re going for Fuji Rock Festival (which also features Radiohead and EITS), then please exit through the door on the left. 

These videos are not taken from the DVD sadly, but it’s from Countdown Japan 11/12. I’m posting this up for my own reference, but at the very least you can enjoy it. (I’m not sure if it’s the correct order)

モノクロトウキョ (Monochrome Tokyo) ー & 仮面の街 (City of Masks)

エンドレス (Endless)

ルーキー (Rookie)

アイデンティティ (Identity)